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Most orders go out within 2 days of receipt of the order.

Many people ask whether or not it is OK to use the Plush Felts on the Large Teddy's.  The answer is NO!
***DO NOT USE PLUSH FELTS (Kunin Felt or any comparable ) on the LargeTeddy Bears and Bunnies. Babies often chew on the eyes in which case they can come out becoming a choking hazard.


* To test  for softness of a fur rub it up against your cheek.  If it feels scratchy on your cheek  it will feel scratchy to a child.  Don't settle!  There are many beautiful furs that are relatively inexpensive. More expensive doesn't necessarily mean better quality. Jo-Anns Fabrics have some very beautiful and soft fur.( Don't forget your 40% off coupon if you are purchasing there.)  They have Curly Chenille fur that is very soft but I usually stay away from it (unless I'm in the mood to sew very slowly)  because it is  very slippery and difficult  to work with.  I like to zip along and a relatively quick pace- and it slows me down quite a bit. But,  if you're more patient than I and If you don't mind working slowly you shouldn't have a problem with it.  You'll know it when you see it, IT comes in many colors and is very curly Jut remember to PIN-PIN- PIN.  (When you are working with it. 

* DON'T use thick pile fur.  Most machines cannot push the material along. To test for thickness,  bend the material in half. The fur should separate easily  and you will be able to see the backing without straining.  If you have to "Burro'  your fingers into the fur it is too thick!   If you want a long fur try checking out CR Crafts (on our Fur information Page)  They have  a gorgeous honey brown long pile..about 1.1/4 " that is not too thick.  It is a So Soft.... dreamy..Fur.
Its called Honey Beige # 90304

A great new item that I've discovered are those  SQUISHEY - OH SO SOFT- new blankets.   They are so.oooo soft and easy to work with.  The three Ft.  animals take one Twin Size Blanket.  They are only about $17-$ 20. so its a great alternative to fur!  You can pic them up at Marshall's, Home Goods any Discount Department Outlet.

*  To test whether or not  fur will get "ratty"  roll it between you fingers.  If  it feels somewhat wiry that is the nylon that you are feeling and it wont stay nice.  It should feel smooth and soft. Again rub against your cheek.

* Bears can be made with just about any material. From favorite Quilts, Blankets, Flannel Sheets etc.  An old coat is NOT enough material to use for the 2 of 3 ft. animals.

*  Sizes on all large bears are approximate.  All materials "stretch" differently.  The less "stretch" a material has the smaller your bear will be. 

*  Bears are measured from Feet to Head unless otherwise indicated.

*  Many people ask if Floppy Bear and Sleepy Bear are the same bear.  The answer is no. Sleepy Bear is designed to lie down. If you try to sit him up his arms will stick straight up over his head. 

* Floppy Bear has shoulders like a human....Hi arms are actually sewn in, so his arms rest around is big round belly!  He has very pretty shapely arms.

*  Use a good quality polyester (not cotton) Fiberfil.  Poly-fl by Fairfield  is an excellent choice since it doesn't "Ball up" over time. It remains "Bouncy" and gives the animal that "Huggable" quality.

*  Large Eyes (24-30mm) are VERY DIFFICULT to find.  Please consider purchasing at the time of your order.  Many times people feel that they can find them on their own then they have to submit a second order.  20mm eyes can be found at Major Retail Sewing Centers but you won't be able to find the larger sizes.  Keep in mind that if you purchase eyes alone-without a pattern you'll have to purchase 5 pair as we have to cover our costs.

*  Noses  are  the "sewn in" kind.  They are not plastic.  If you are timid about sewing in a nose, you can hand stitch it in.  I always do it this way,  and you absolutely cannot tell the difference. Hand sewing will ensure that the nose is sewn in straight.

* If you have a question please write it in the Feedback box (below  left) and I will post it on this page as well as get back to you.  Don't forget to leave your email address if you want personal feedback -Judi

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