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Yardages and Materials are as follows:
Floppy Bear: " Mongolian Lamb " Off White # 90306 - and is $21.75 per yard. Floppy FB-28   Takes 3 yds.

Loppie Bunny : (The darker fur) is called "Curly Ginger Fabric" # 93101 is $13.75 per yard. and takes 2 1/2 yd   (The lighter fur)  is called Mongolian Lamb # 90307 and is $21.75 per Yd You need 3/4 yd. The Tail (Optional) as you can use your light fur ) is Fun Fur # 9201 white and is $13.45 per yard. you need 1- 16x16 square carnival fur (Long 1 1/2 to 2 inch fur)

Little Honey Bear : Curly Camel # 93102 and is13.75 per yard. Little honey Bear- LHB-86 takes 2 yds.

Early Hump Back Teddy -Non Jointed -Teddy: "Soft Teddy Bear Fur" - Champaign # 9112 and is$14.75 per yard.Early Hump Back Teddy EJL-39 takes 3 1/2 yds.

Lazy Bunny : (Body) "Teddy Bear Fur" - Grey Frost # 9042 - $19.45 per yard. (Ears & Muzzle) Seal White # 9076 $15.00 per yard. (Tummy & Tail) Fun Fur Fabric - White # 9201 - $13.75 per yard. Spare Bear Parts (listed below) has a gorgeous charcoal grey fur called Charcoal Frost # 282 and is $20.85 per yard. (it is more expensive but worth it !!) Lazy Bunny TR-97 takes2 yds darker color - 1/4 yd lighter color - 7/8 yd Carnival Fur for tail and tummy

Sleepy Bear : "Soft Teddy Bear Fur" - Champaign # 9112 - This is a very pretty tan color. They also have a very pretty white called Soft White # 9115 both are$14.75 per yard. Sleepy- SL-31 takes 2 1/4 yds.

Copper Panda : "Teddy Bear Fur" (the darker fur) is called Deep Copper Short # 90716 is $19.75 per yard. The lighter fur Soft Old Tan # 9117 is $14.75 per yard. Note : This fur comes straight. To get the distressed look, you will need to boil the fabric for 5 minutes and drip dry. DO NOT PLACE IN DRYER ! Sew the entire animal then boil before placing the eyes into the head. Use only black permanent Sharpie Marker, as ink pen will bleed into fabric. If you prefer black and white material - you can purchase Seal : Black # 9075 and White # 9076. Panda CP-75 takes 2 yds darker color, 1 3/8 yds lighter color.

Grizzlies - PAPA Hickory, MAMA Rumbles, and Baby : The colors can be interchanged i.e. black body/brown muzzle, brown body/tan muzzle etc. Seal Fur : Black # 9075, Brown # 9077, and Camel # 9078 All are $15.00 per yard. Grizzlies  
Hickory  HK-53   2 1/2 darker color,  3/8 lighter.

Rumbles  RM-64 takes 1 1/12 yd darker color,  1/3 yd lighter color.      

Baby Grizzly  BB-27 takes 3/4 yd darker color,  1/4 yd lighter.

Jumbo Bear : "Teddy Bear Fur" - Honey Beige # 90304 - is $19.45 per yard. Jumbo-JO-43 takes 4 yds.

Pretty Kitty : "Soft Teddy Fabric" : The darker color is Champaign # 9112 and the lighter color is White # 9115. Both are $14.75 per yard. Pretty Kitty PK-54 takes 2  3/4 darker color and 3/4 lighter color.
The fur used On the animals can be Mail Ordered from CR CRAFTS  PH (641) 567-3652
You can order in full or half yard increments. They also offer a price break of $1.00 per yard if you purchase 6 or more
yards. The fur types and item numbers are as follows :
All yardage is based on 54" width    Please Call CR's Crafts for

If you want to experiment with fur found in your area, try to stay with a "low pile" (short fur) approx. 1/4 to 1/2 inch length to start. It will be easier to sew with. You can use any poly fill. I use whatever is on sale.

We know that you will enjoy making the animals because we write the instructions with YOU in mind. If you have any questions or suggestions however, please don't hesitate to write, we would love to hear from you.

Your photographs are always welcome !!   Sincerely, Judi

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