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no frills pattern collection
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" Easier to sew than you could   
possibly imagine! " 
for the more experienced seamstress who under-stands basic sewing instructions without the added details.  The patterns will be marked with letters and symbols but they will have limited instructions.
i.e. " Sew from  A to B, then C to D. " etc.  They will NOT be illustrated except in the rare instance that a step were very confusing.  

         I take pride in the fact that even my largest patterns go together "without a hitch!"  These will be no different.  They will be great patterns,  just a little "short" on explanations!!
As with my patterns in the past, the pieces will fit precisely. There will be no length discrepancies between the pattern pieces,  and as with all of my patterns, there will be "Notches",  letters and symbols that will help  match up the pieces.
"No Frills" Patterns will be patterns with limited instructions  
A friend told me that while in school for an assignment he had to write instructions on how to make a peanut butter sandwich.  He said how difficult it was and that no one in the class could do it on the first try.  I remember thinking  "how hard could that be?"    So I  decided to try it for myself.  

Using butter knife, scoop out approx 1 tbls. of Peanut Butter and spread across the surface of one (1) piece of Bread. Set aside. 
Next, scoop approx 1 tbls. Jelly onto knife and spread  across the surface of 2nd piece of bread.  
With right sides together ( Peanut Butter facing Jelly )  place the 2 pieces of bread together to form sandwhich.

In writing instructions one can't assume anything, that the person will know how much peanut butter to put on the bread, where to put it, or  what to do with the bread once both surfaces are coated. 

Seems logical to you, but what about an Aborigine in the wilds of Brazil who doesn't know how peanut butter is used.
Many of my customers have never before sewn and don't know commonly used terms. That coupled by the fact that  I have to illustrate. To try to  draw pictures that actually resemble what I'm trying to describe.. is time consuming. 

In short that is why I've decided to do the "No Frills" line, because writing detailed instructions slow down the design process immensely, and particularly why I've decided to publish my 'No Frills" line.

So this line will be for the experienced seamstress/tailor and will be limited in instructions and illustrations.  
Below is my re-written, much clearer version
The problem is that you have to think the way someone would think who has no concept what a sandwhich is. Say..a 9 yr old from another country.
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My  summary went something like this:

Take two pieces of Bread. Using a knife, spread Peanut Butter on one piece. Next spread Jelly on the second piece.  Place pieces together to make a sandwich.

Sounds pretty good! Right?  I thought so........ BUT........Not so fast.....                         
You will need: 

1. bread of your choice, white or wheat are recommended. You may use home-baked (highly recommended) or store-bought sliced bread. Again, white or wheat are recommended.  Flavored breads, rye, seven-grain, etc will change the flavor of the peanut butter and jelly. 
2. Creamy peanut butter for a classic P&J; or chunky peanut butter, cashew butter, or any other nut butter that you prefer. 
3. jelly, jam, preserves of your choice.  Concord Grape Jelly for a classic P&J. 
4. one table knife -- the dull kind. 
5. plate, paper towel or napkin. 

1. place two slices of bread on plate, paper towel or napkin.  It is recommended that your bread not be more than 1/2 inch thick for a Classic P&J 
2. using dull knife spread approximately 2 tablespoons of peanut butter on the face of one slice of bread. 
3. scrap any peanut butter off the knife on the edge of the bread 
4. using same knife (or a different knife if you licked the peanut butter of the knife) spread approximately 1 tablespoon of jelly on the face of the second slice of bread. 
5. place the second slice of bread, jelly side down, on the peanut butter on the first slice of bread.  The jelly and the peanut butter should be together inside. You may cut the sandwich in pieces if you wish, cut in half would be traditional, but young children seem to get a kick out of quarters. 
6. clean your knife and counter; sweep up any bread crumbs that fell on the floor. 
7. pour a nice cold glass of milk 
8. sit at a table or on a blanket under a tree and enjoy your P&J!

GOOD JOB!  Now this is the propler way to write directions for someone who has no clue what they are doing.

Get a jar of peanut butter, a jar of jelly, 2 pieces of bread and a knife.
Open the peanut butter, insert the knife into the jar and take out some peanut butter and spead it onto on side of one slice of bread. close peanut butter
Open jar of jelly and agian using knife remove some jelly from the jar and spread it onto one side of the other slice of bread. Close jelly
Place the 2 slices together, making sure you place the side with the peanut butter on top of the side with jelly, otherwise it will be very messy to eat :)

Contributed - anonymous
             How would your (right it) write it ?
To make a Peanut Butter and Jelly by kat Aleman

Personally I make my peanut butter and jelly sandwich with my two slices of wheat bread lying face up (either way) next to each other like mattresses. Then I put peanut butter on both of them (like a bedsheet, but dont put it over the edges), mmm like organic style with nothin' but peanuts! Then I put Raspberry preserves on one slice (above the layer of peanut butter). Then you put the other slice of bread face down (peanut butter towards the preserves) so the mushy goodies are between too mattresses... er bread! And THEN for sure you won't have soggy raspberry bread when you bundle it for school or work, or a long road trip. MMMMMM.
See how others have written it.

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