All patterns are Copyrighted by Judi Lynn Designs. Reproducing patterns for resale or otherwise is strictly prohibited by law. Soft Sculpure Copyright infringement Laws apply.

Finished product may be sold in crafts venues. on ebay and in retail markets. Judi Lynn Designs however, MUST BE GIVEN DESIGNER CREDIT.  No more thatn 20 units per item, per year, may be reproduced for resale without the expressed written consent of Judi Lynn Designs. 

No limit is placed on finished items used in Raffles for Charity, Donations to Charity or for use in Not for Profit Organizations.  Judi Lynn Designs however must receive credit as Designer.

Any an all designs produced in conjunction with McCall's Pattern Co. are axempt  from the above written onditions and are subject to the policys of the McCall Pattern Co.
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