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" Easier to sew than you could  
possibly imagine! "

    Designers work very hard at coming up with new and different designs. We put Time Energy and $$$ into our designs. Sometimes we "hit'  and sometimes we don't.  We may spend a month designing, perfecting, photographing, and writing instructions for a product that just didn't work. I can't tell you how many times I thought that I had a great design but  for one reason or another people just didn't like it.  That was valuable time lost.  Time lost on another product that will never get produced.

Or, working very hard at coming up with a design then having other designers copy it in one form or another and then claim it as their own. 

So we ask that you respect our livelihood.

    It is appreciated when Fellow Designers, Artists and Consumers alike -  honor these boundaries

*  Judi Lynn Designs is a registered Trademark  All rights reserved

*  All Pattern are Copyrighted  under the Soft Sculpture category. Copyright Infringement Apply.

*  Photocopying or producing Patterns for resale or other purpose- in any form -is prohibited.
Copyright Infringement Laws Apply 

*  We welcome the thought of your being able to make a profit by selling the finished items on Ebay or in Craft Venues.  Our limit  however is 25 per item - per year.
That means if you purchase 4 patterns- you may sell 25 finished items for each pattern for a total of 100 items.

Finished Products that are sold on  Ebay  must however  list  "Judi Lynn Designs" (In full)  as designer for Credit. Soft sculptures Copyright infringement laws do apply - and Ebay does take notice.

Anyone caught  selling products made from my patterns and not giving
"Judi Lynn Designs"  full -designer Credit will be prosecuted blocked from further purchase.

* No limit is placed on finished items used in Raffles for Charity, Donations to Charity or for use in Not for Profit Organizations such as hospitals or other therapy institutions. 
Judi Lynn Designs however must receive Designer Credit.

Thanks - to all of you who have gone out of your way to get clarification on our policy and abide by it over the years.

Judi Lynn Designs, Designs for the McCall's Pattern Co.  Any an all designs produced in conjunction with McCall's Pattern Co. are Exempt from the above written conditions and are subject to the policy's of the McCall Pattern Co.

Thank-You for Choosing My Patterns. 
                                                                   Each one has been designed with LOVE!!!!


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Judi Lynn Designs ©
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