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" Easier to sew than you could  
possibly imagine! "
June 29-08
I have been comissioned to design a HUGE 6 ft teddy bear to be used in Charity Bear Builds. Once the design is complete I will be helping them to with the "builds" ie. with assembling the bears.  Needless to say this has pushed off designing smaller designs  for awhile. A bear of these proportions take a considerable amount of time becasue the proportions have to be precise otherwise the bear will  look deformed. It is not just a matter of enlarging a pattern because the "rules"  change when you go BIG. So what works in a small design will not  work in a mammouth one. The larger you go  the more "stretch" the material has so the proportions get all "thrown "off.  Those of you who know me , know  that I absolutely will not quit until the actual product matches the picture that I have in my head.  This can be quite frustrating because I may work for days on just one part of the anima alonel. People tell me that I am talented, but I say "No its  not talent...Its  jjust stubborness.  I refuse to let the material "win".    :  ) thats what I'm up to. Once this project is complete. I'll be  back to the "grind". Drawing....cutting ....sewing .....stuffing.... unstuffing.... ripping.... cutting..... sewing....( as all designers know  all too well!).

Thats it for now, when I get pics of this latest project I will upload so that you can see the "gi-normous" charitys bear!!!
Mar 20-08
I'm in the final stages of instructions on my newest Prims (not yet pictured). It is less stressful for me to have everything done before I post pics, because then I'm not scrambling at the last minute when people start ordering.  A few should be done within a week or so. I will post them as soon as possible. Judi

Feb 9-08 
3 of my newest patterns are now posted under the "Whats New " page. They will be available for sale on 2-15. These are the first of the Prims. I can't wait to get the instructions done so that I can keep working on the fun stuff!!

Jan 14 -08
Well the boxes are all cleared and my life is back to normal.  I've setteled in and at long last am back to designing. For those of you who have been asking for new stuff-I'm sorry that It has taken so long.  It has been a long ..... long.... year. 

But I do  I have about 5 or 6 new things already done and about 10 or so more on paper. I hope to have at least 12 to 15 done before the year is out. As usual the hardest part is the writing of the instructions, as I really take my time . I want for people to be able to follow every detail without a hitch!  as always I strive to write as if a beginner were reading / sewing.

Some of my newbies are Primitive, so it will be fun to get messy with the paint again. I always love doing primitive work, but don't get to do it as often as I'd  like. Optimillaly It would be best to get patterns out one at a time, but that just isn't practical to my situation.  I  have to do all painting in my kitchen, as I don't have a designated sink in my studio. (I always make a HUGE mess and paint ends up everywhere) so I try to do all of the painting at once, which means that I have to get a bunch of stuff designed and sewn up so that I'm able to  paint them all at once. Basically I don't cook on those days -weeks -monthes. that is what I'm  doing now, so that I can paint paint paint!!!

What's Happenin'
FINISHED!!   "Charity Bear" with Ty who is 5 Ft 10" tall.
These are amoung my newest designs. Please see "Whats New"
So many of  have asked for finished items and I've always said the I couldn't possibly offer them because I need them for the shows. But  recently I decided to put the "prototypes 4 sale" button put on the site because I am now at the point where  I have so many designs that It is impossibe to take everything.  So I have decided to put some of my items up for sale.  This won't be for a while yet and I'm still not sure how many will go up but I am making preparations.  So if your interested just keep checking.

Thats it for now.  Today is a "sewing" day so am anxious to get to work.

Thanks for stopping in to see whats new.


July 31
Well the move went ok but Imade a HUGE mistake.  I was still at the old house supervising when my guys were moving instead of being at the new place. I had color coded the boxes to be placed in appropritate rooms and they just dumped all of the boxes wherever they could find room.  When I walked in at 3 am that first night I couldnt believe my eyes.  There were boxes piled from floor to the ceiling  about 5 or 6 boxes deep, in 3 rooms and one tiny meandering pathway cutting through the sea of boxes.  I just sat down and cried- Was so overwhelmed!!  Meanwhile I had my 3 cats in only 2 cages.  Fortunately they placed  my couch at the very end of the path directly at the bottom of my stairs and miracle of miracles there was a small space about 4 x 4 around it leading into the bathroom.  Of course there were boxes piled high on it but i pushed them off and stationed myself while I decided what to do with my cats. I wanted to bring them upstairs into my bedroom  for that first night but soon realized that I would never be able to drag the cages up over the couch to the stairs. ( you had to step on the couch to get to the stairs, and i kept thinking DON'T LIFT-DON'T LIFT!! ( I had been working on packing for about a month and it was a miracle that my back had held out this long and I was sure that one last lift would  have pushed it over the edge!!!. ) Meanwhile my big male started a fight wwith the other cat in his cage so I had to let those 2  free.  I was very worried because I couldn't get to any windows ( due to the boxes ) and wasn't sure if any were open due to the fact that it had been a very hot day..  I knew the cats would explore every possible inch of that house and knew if a window were open theyd find it!!!  Nevertheless.... I collapsed into bed and to my surprise and relief, they were still around the next morning.

    Next came the daunting task of finding my clothes...soap,....HAIR GEL...... for my curly  naughty hair that turns  to utter unmangable chaos without it. - and NO you can't just go out and buy any hair gel- it has to be special ordered hair gel.  Hair gel is my biggest problem in life. because without it  I look like a witch,  a nasty frizzy witch!!!!.   "You think they'd place the box marked bathroom in the bathroom!!! ....Or  the boxes marked clothes in the bedroom!!!" I'd sputter under my breath as I waded through boxes,  and warded off the anger!!!.  All the while  thinking "how on earth can I do this...  I can't lift,  and even if I could  there  is nowhere to put the boxes" ( since evey inch of the space was occupied!)  So  I'd have to send the boxes crashing into the path,  hope to that my breakables wouldn't break- all the while thinking that NOTHING that I have is worth my back)  empty it, distribute it and repeat the process.  Sometimes letting them drop 5 or 6 feet.  Day after day.  It took me two weeks just to find my DSL box.  In fact just located it a couple days ago wherein I had the task of trying to figure out how to hook it up. ( STOP YELLING !!! i'm an artist not a computer geek!!!)   Needless to say I'm still swimming in boxes and plain ole' stuff.  I can't  lift with my back but my legs are sure getting a workout.  It takes me 10 times as long, but I manage. I  just have to do or else!   Im frustrated though  cause  I want to start working.  I did set up a tiny space about 3x3 and set my sewing machine but haven't actually sat down to sew yet.   Pretty soon I'll be back on task and in full swing - can't wait to get back to work.!  And for all of you who are contemplating a move - Learn from me.......Be at the recieving end, not the sending end!!!!

Till next time XOXO  Jude   

June 18
Taking a much needed break from painting. I only have two rooms to do but one will need 3 coats and theres only about 18" around the perimeter (due to the room being packed) to work!  I've been working on that one. The sooner that I can get work done here, the quicker I can get back to work. That always relaxes me -

For all of you that are filling out the feedback at the bottom  of the pages (Comments/Suggestions) Thank You. I Seriously like to hear feedback even if it is not good.  Its the only way that I can improve. When I was younger and would make something ( i was constantly making things ) I would ask my mother how she liked it and I always got the same response. "looks great.. wonderful. ...perfect."  I always wanted to know what was wrong with it.  I would get so.oo frustrated because I would ask what would she change? "Nothing!!!' shed respond!  Eventually I got to the point where I'd  say DON'T LIE -WHATS WRONG WITH IT!   She still has a difficult time being honest but Id always let her know thats what I NEED!  Sounds terrible to  complain about a supportive parent but.... its more supportive to be honest. Maybe I would have  stopped making things early on without it that bridled response.  Who knows!  But the long and short of it is,  please let me know what I need to do to improve!  I won't be upset- I promise!!

Chris  Thank you for your words of encouragement.  Your words ment more to me than you know.  If you want to adopt me I'm up for grabs!!! : ) 

Well , I have to sign off. I have lightning in my area at present and need to unplug the computers.  Till next time.....  JD

June 14 07  
Change of Plans! I'm moving again!  For those of you who have had to put up with misplaced boxes and lost patterns....from my last move,  Here we go again!  Due to circumstances beyond my controll I will be moving AGAIN!!!.  Are we having fun yet? Don't think so!!  I Will be completely moved in to my new place by the 3rd week in July so Will be able to concentrate on finishing up my newest designs after that.  

Im about to launch my Belly Babies.  Pretty much have everything set except the final drafts of the instructions in the OCR program as well as the photographs, so won't be able to release them until mid summer. I'll be packing and painting within the next 4 weeks so  won't be able to have them up till mid July.(probably more like the end of July since Ill need time to unpack.  Hope your all having a colorful spring.   Keep watching for my  newest pattterns. You'll love em'     JD  

May 24 07
Well the website is nearly complete.  Thank you for your patience.  A few more weeks and it will be completed with all of the bugs worked out etc.  Please let me know of any broken links or of any problems that you find. You can write a quick note at the bottom of each page.  Just be sure to enter your email address if you want a response.   I really do appreciate it.  It is very difficult to spot problems especially when youve been staring at the same things day- in and day- out!

I'm very excited to start designing again!    Its Like I want to get back to my babies!  As seen on the Homepage I have many new designs that are waiting to be executed.   If you're wondering where Ive been over the past several years.  Please check out my "Blog"page

My newest line- Belly Babies will be the first to be released.  They are cute you just want to squeeze em" and love em' up.  I don't want to give away what they are yet.... you always want to keep things under wrap until you are ready to introduce them...but please  keep checking the site as I'm sure you won't want to miss them-

Afterward  I will be finishing up on the many designs that I've started . First will be in the Binkie Babies series.  Next I will  introduce my "No Frills"  pattenrs that are  basically patterns for the more experienced who need less explanaing in the way of instructions. They will be very good precisely matcheing pieces)  patterns  but will have quickly executed instructions    I have many designs that are either completed or in process, so please keep checking to see whats new. 

I will be advertising again in the Fall in Country Sampler Magazine and things tend to get very hectic around here "come ad time,  so if you are contemplating placing an order, please do so before then. 

May 14 07
Many of you know that I haven't put out many new patterns over the past several years.  The reason for this is that I  have struggled with a back problem which made it virtually impossible  to do do much physical activity.  I was pretty much bedridden for about 6 years.

I found an amazing Doctor though a couple years ago  who virtually gave me my life back.  Prior to meeting  him I had been to  dozens  (between at least 25-30  )  Doctors who couldn't help me. One thing I learned is that when your in pain youll try anything and spend any amount of money!)    The reason for my going into this is not only  to explain where I've been but also to say that for any of you who have a debilitating illness- Don't give up!  Keep searching....keep trying.... Don't let them tell you you cant be helped! Or that there's nothing wrong with you!  I truly felt that my life was over.  I had this amazing business....two beautiful active children..... Good friends .....but I had to drop out of life!  I became bed ridden........  But somewhere deep inside I kept believing that someone out there could solve my riddle! 

I can't help those of you with any illness other than what I know,  but for any of you who have struggles with a Back injury- Back Problem-Ligament Problems- Soft T-issue Damage. Neurological issues and who happen to live in  the CT,New York area this guy is a  Genius!  Truly!!!!  He is a sports Injury Dr who employs Chiropractic and Deep Tissue work along with E-Stim.

His name Is Dr. Nick Vaccarro who practices in Monroe CT. at  CT BACK AND WELLNESS.   He's not paying me....he hasnt asked me to write this ...  The reason that I am  is for you.  Maybe just one of you out there needs a miracle. This man is a miracle.  I've told him many times  that he is an answer to my prayers!  He blushes and says "I just LOVE what I do..... And I LOVE people!" I think that is the key.  Really seeing the people!   Seeing them as something other than a paying customer.         SO if you need a miracle trust him and give him a call!   And Nick if you ever see this  "Love you!" - And NO..... I never met him before the day that I walked into his office -by a fluke! 

May 10 07  
Well the site is almost done...Thank all of you for being so patient. Once the site is completely done I will begin designing again.  I CAN'T WAIT!  IT  RELAXES ME!   I typically like summer because that is the last big push before the Fall season Begins. 

For those of you who have been buying from me for years  thank you for all of your support. This past year  aside from re-doing the website...I converted all of my smaller patterns to a MS based format (prior to that I have done all of my writing on an APPLE and did all of the graphics by hand.  I did all of the paste up the old fashioned way- with an Exacto Blade Rubber Cement!  It wasn't feasible to convert until recently as the older conversion programs would not allow you to manipulate text- and I needed that to update as well as fix any mistakes.  I bought an Epson Scanner which has what's called an OCR program (optical Character Recognition) that virtually converts any Hard Copy into manupulatible text.  If any of the text was pasted in wrong (at an angle) it would do and automatic correction.   It also converts graphics into the same word Document so the graphics get converted along side the text.  The cool thing is is that you can alter the dimensions of the graphics so if you need to add a paragraph etc, you can reduce the graphic.  It took me a couple months to convert everything and the novelty NEVER wore off.  I'd catch my self saying "This program is so.ooooo cool! 

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